Starting January 1, 2014, unemancipated minors working as extras or background performers will be able to take home their full pay, and their employers will be relieved of the obligation to maintain a trust for those minors.  AB 533, which Governor Brown signed into law yesterday, exempts employers of minors under contracts for artistic employment for services as an extra, background performer, or in a similar capacity (including actors, dancers, musicians, comedians, singers, stunt-persons, voice-over artists, or sports players) from a requirement that the employer set aside 15% of the minor’s gross earnings in trust for the benefit of the minor.

The stated intent of the bill is to remove this onerous “Coogan Trust” requirement so that child actors who do not earn large sums as principal performers can access and use the relatively small amounts they earn prior to becoming adults.  Primary performer minors and their employers remain subject to the trust requirement.

The bill amends Section 6752 of the Family Code.