By Kristina Launey 

Since the 2013 portion of this California Legislative session concluded in mid-September, a number of employment-related bills have gone to Governor Brown for consideration.  As of today, the Governor has signed 8 of those bills into law, covering:


✓   Minimum wage increase, from $8 to $10/hour, over two years

✓   Criminal background checks for youth sports leaders

✓   Employment contracts for minor actors

✓   New penalty for violation of posting requirements for garment manufacturers

✓   Change in definition of sexual harassment

✓   Recovery of defense attorney’s fees in wage claims only if bad faith

✓   Expansion of coverage of Paid Family Leave

✓   Mandatory overtime for domestic workers who work over 9 hours/day or 45 hours/week. 

For a complete roundup of the (1) signed bills, (2) passed bills awaiting Governor’s action, and (3) failed bills, click here.  We will be updating this information as the pending bills are either signed or rejected by the Governor, who has until October 13 to act.