Just in time for International Workers’ Day (May 1), on April 30, 2014, the California Labor Commissioner announced a new statewide public awareness campaign to educate workers about their rights.  Messaging in multiple media (website, print and radio spots) will include information about minimum wage, overtime and meal and rest break laws.  The campaign, entitled “Wage Theft is a Crime,” will target workers in traditionally low-wage industries (e.g., agriculture, garment, construction and hospitality), and will be communicated in numerous languages to better reach immigrant workers.  The new websites are, in English (http://www.wagetheftisacrime.com/), and in Spanish (www.robodesueldoesuncrimen.com). 

You did not really need another reason to ensure that your company’s wage and hour policies and practices are legally-complaint in California, but this is a reminder that your California employees will soon be even more conversant with their wage and hour rights.  Please reach out to one of Seyfarth’s California employment law attorneys for help in developing your own internal education campaign.