#16-3380 2016 Cal Pecs Cover ImageSeyfarth synopsis:  It’s here: the 2016 edition of the popular and informative Cal-Peculiarities: How California Employment Law is Different. Order it here. Also, we report the results of our recent reader survey. Wage-hour Issues and Employment Termination were top of mind. Read on for more results.


We are thrilled to announce that the 2016 edition of Cal-Peculiarities: How California Employment Law is Different is available NOW! This edition, like its predecessors, aims to help California employers understand what’s different about California employment law. We continue to highlight recent court decisions and legislative developments for private employers who do business in California. The book is available in a convenient, searchable eBook format. Click here to order your copy today!


Back in January, we surveyed you, dear readers, to capture your preferences in blog topics. The results are in! In addition to your continued desire to be equipped with the Cal-peculiar basics,  you also find it important to be on the cutting edge of everything peculiar!

90% of respondents want to read more about CA Wage-Hour Issues and Terminations of Employment.  We hear you (and are not surprised!) given the amount of litigation these areas generate.

In second place, tied at 80%, were CA Handbooks and CA Leaves (including Paid Sick Leave). Certainly, there will be more to come on these topics.

Also popular (tied at 70%), were Case Updates and New Legal Developments.

Next, at 65% of the vote, came Overtime Exemptions and Recordkeeping & Retention, followed closely by Workplace Investigations. 

No other topic garnered more than 50% of the vote. Of least interest to respondents was Arbitration, which rated a paltry 35%. Perhaps we are all a little burned out on the seemingly endless changes in judicial perspective surrounding mandatory arbitration in the employment setting.

We also received a few write in topics. Be on the lookout for future posts on drug & alcohol/medical marijuana (see also our previous blog on marijuana in the workplace and our Seyfarth blog THE BLUNT TRUTH, which chronicles the evolution and implementation of marijuana laws in the U.S.), workers’ comp/stress claims, and any California angle on use of genetic information.

Thank you for responding and thank you for your continued interest in the blog. We always love to hear from you!