In most of the country, 2 + 2 predictably equals 4.  In California, sometimes the results are surprising.  The Seyfarth California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog is a unique resource for employers navigating the reefs and shoals — and peculiarities — of California employment law.

This blog is for in-house attorneys, HR professionals, business owners, and managers who face real issues on a daily basis and need practical solutions to address them.  We aim to provide timely, topical information on the challenges that California employers face.  Unlike blogs that simply provide legal updates, this blog will have a running series of Workplace Solutions that will address evolving areas of interest, including California leaves of absence, recruiting and hiring, trade secrets, and the use of social media.  The Workplace Solutions Series will feature guest authors, including experts and consultants in labor and employment law, as well as regular posts written by our team of experienced law counselors practicing across a wide spectrum of labor and employment law, including advice and counsel, wage hour, harassment/discrimination, traditional labor, and trade secret.

We will look back, look forward, and try to make sense of where California employment law is trending.  We want this resource to be of the utmost use to you, and so we welcome your suggestions and topic ideas.