Senior Editors

Elizabeth Levy

Elizabeth defends against single-plaintiff and class action employment matters. She frequently advises clients to help them develop solutions that are practical and tailored to their business needs. Clients look to Elizabeth for effective and practical ways to apply California law as it rapidly evolves.


Elizabeth MacGregor

Elizabeth finds creative ways to defend clients at all stages of litigation in their labor and employment matters. Elizabeth represents employers at all stages of litigation in both state and federal court, with an emphasis on wage-and-hour class actions. She also advises employers on matters related to wage-and-hour compliance, employee handbook policies, and arbitration agreements.

Chelsea Mesa

Chelsea has extensive experience partnering with clients to advise on their workplace-related decisions and a wide range of other employment matters. Chelsea’s practice focuses on advising employers concerning various employment-related issues, including compliance with California and federal anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and leave laws, and other human resources practices, as well as negotiating and documenting employment and severance agreements.

Rachel Rojas

Rachel is a case assistant with Seyfarth, and has been with the firm since 2017. Rachel has also been assisting with California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog posts as a blog administrator since 2017.


Coby M. Turner

Coby is dedicated to helping clients identify and solve labor and employment issues before they become problems, and to assisting them in the event that they do. Both large national employers and small local companies face an increasingly complicated regime of federal and state laws, particularly in California.

Christopher J. Truxler

Chris is passionate about finding unique solutions to his clients’ complex workplace issues, always with an eye toward helping them reach their business goals. Clients look to Chris for assistance with a wide array of workplace-related questions. From possible threats of violence that may require a restraining order, to questions regarding federal practice and procedure, Chris is trusted to find unique solutions to complex problems.

Michael Wahlander

Michael counsels and represents clients in all aspects of labor and employment litigation. Michael focuses his practice on all aspects of labor and employment litigation, including wage and hour, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wrongful termination cases, and cases under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. He represents employers in single-plaintiff, multiplaintiff, and class action cases.

Jonathan Brophy

Jon partners with clients to solve day-to-day employment problems and high-stakes employment litigation in California. Employers of every size in California face a challenging landscape of state-specific leave laws, accommodation requirements, and technical wage-and-hour obligations. Clients look to Jon to provide practical solutions to defend existing, or threatened, single-plaintiff and class action lawsuits.

Additional Contributors

Jeffrey Berman

Jeffrey offers wise counsel and ardent defense of his clients in almost every aspect of labor and employment law. Jeffrey represents management in a variety of industries, including major medical centers, universities, religious organizations, manufacturers, and restaurants. Jeffrey has represented employers in nearly all of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) regional offices in the Western United States.

Cassandra Hanley Carroll

Cassandra’s practice focuses on defending employers against single and multiplaintiff claims for discrimination, retaliation, and harassment, as well as against high exposure wage and hour class action claims arising under the California Labor Code. She also routinely handles wrongful termination, breach of contract, and other employment-related tort and contract claims.


Chris Crosman

Christopher represents employers in all facets of litigation, from inception through trial or arbitration, as well as on appeal. Christopher’s experience includes representing companies and their management on a wide range of state and federal employment law disputes involving issues of wrongful discharge, discrimination based on race, age, disability, gender and national origin, workplace harassment, retaliation, breach of contract, privacy rights, trade secrets, employee raiding and unfair competition, independent contractor agreements, employee benefits and wage & hour claims.



Catherine Dacre

Catherine’s practice includes wage and hour class action litigation of the California Labor Code and FLSA claims in state and federal court. Catherine has 30 years of experience in litigation representing clients in the health care retail, personal services, pharmaceutical, technology, hospitality, security services, restaurant, insurance, financial services, food production, transportation, publishing, and entertainment industries, through trial and appeal.

Pamela Devata

Pam has extensive knowledge and experience on all things relating to the use of criminal, credit, and other background checks related to hiring. To protect their companies, most employers conduct some type of screening of potential and current employees. Any employer who conducts background checks needs to be aware of the myriad laws regarding what they can ask, when they can or cannot ask, what information they can rely upon, and how that information can be used.

Lindsay Fitch

Lindsay litigates single and multiplaintiff cases in federal and state courts on a wide range of employment issues. Lindsay has extensive experience litigating single and multiplaintiff cases in federal and state courts on a wide range of employment issues, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, disability accommodation, defamation, wage and hour and employment-related contracts, and torts.


Kerry Friedrichs

Kerry identifies problems and evaluates risks and alternatives to existing practices in wage-and-hour law, in a practical and creative way. Kerry assists clients with all aspects of wage-and-hour compliance matters, including developing and implementing a variety of pay structures. She helps clients who are trying to develop compliant compensation plans that align with their business goals.


Mark Grajski

Mark has litigated virtually every type of employment law claim through trial for clients in a broad range of industries—including retail, logistics, agriculture, and health care. Mark helps clients when they have high-exposure employment cases headed for trial in the federal or state courts anywhere in California and beyond.

Dana Howells

Dana is a navigator of California employment laws, providing holistic advice and experiential insights. California is tough territory for employers. Experienced locals who speak the language and navigate the danger zones are essential for employers. As a repository of quick answers and creative, practical solutions, Dana is a leading resource for her clients and the firm’s national employment practice groups.

David Kadue

David has been a partner since 1988 and represents management in all areas of employment law. David’s practice traditionally emphasized litigation, primarily the defense of claims for workplace harassment, wrongful termination, and employment discrimination. In recent years he has concentrated on defense of class actions alleging patterns of employment discrimination or violation of wage and hour laws.

Kristina Launey

Kristina provides clients collaborative, strategic, effective employment and disability access solutions and litigation defense, which minimize risk and keep in mind the business goals and realities. Civil rights and nondiscrimination laws, especially those protecting individuals with disabilities, can often be complex and individualized in their application. This poses compliance and litigation defense challenges for businesses. To navigate sticky disability discrimination compliance matters, employers and public accommodations turn to Kristina for practical, efficient, and effective compliance solutions and litigation strategy.

Brian Long

Brian represents employers in all aspects of labor and employment law. Brian represents clients in state and federal courts in class and collective wage and hour actions, as well as single and multiplaintiff actions involving employment discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation, and wage and hour claims.

Aaron Lubeley

Aaron’s practice focuses on defending employers in complex collective and class action litigations. Aaron is a member of the firm’s Wage & Hour Litigation practice group and is co-managing partner for the downtown Los Angeles office, where he also serves as hiring partner. He has litigated numerous class and collective actions for alleged wage and hour violations under both state and federal law for clients in the financial printing, retail, hospitality, restaurant, oil & gas, telecommunications, government services, and airline industries.

Laura Maechtlen

Laura is passionate about helping her clients build strong workplace cultures focused on compliance, diversity, and inclusion. Her goal is to minimize her clients’ involvement in systemic discrimination litigation. Corporate clients seeking to innovate and improve their talent culture look to Laura for her experience and practical advice. Laura is a member of the firm’s executive committee, chair of the national Labor & Employment department, co-chair of the firm’s National Diversity & Inclusion Action Team, and a leading member of the firm’s Workplace Compliance group, which focuses on change management and the delivery of proactive solutions that help global clients avoid mass litigation and develop internal compliance initiatives.

Jon Meer

Jon is aggressive and results-oriented. He works collaboratively with clients to understand their definition of a successful outcome, and then he’ll offer creative alternatives to meet their goals. Strategic litigation defense and employment advice are some of the most significant matters faced by businesses in today’s economy. Companies of all sizes look to Jon as their leading attorney for successful, practical, and creative solutions for their most complex or large exposure cases.

Robert Milligan

Robert represents clients in state and federal courts in complex commercial litigation and employment litigation. Robert’s practice encompasses a wide variety of commercial litigation and employment matters, including general business and contract disputes, unfair competition, trade secret misappropriation, and other intellectual property theft, franchise litigation, real estate litigation, insurance bad faith, invasion of privacy, consumer and employee class actions, wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims, wage and hour disputes, ADA and OSHA compliance, whistleblower and SOX cases, bankruptcy, and other business torts.

Lori O’Hara

Lori has practiced employment law for more than 30 years, and has a broad base of experience, and refined judgment, that help clients maneuver through the minefield of California law. Her clients (many of which she has represented for over a decade) not only consider her to be a ferocious advocate, but a loyal, steadfast, and accessible advisor, confidant, and friend

Dana Peterson

Dana is an experienced litigator and powerful advocate with a state-wide practice that enables her to provide exceptional client service in multiple jurisdictions. In addition to litigating single and multi-plaintiff cases in both state and federal courts throughout California, Dana is an active member of the firm’s California Workplace Solutions Group In that capacity, she provides advice, counseling, and training on every conceivable aspect of California employment law and has extensive expertise on conducting workplace investigations and customized audits to ensure legal compliance.

Jill Porcaro

Jill focuses her practice on wage and hour class action litigation, complex litigation, and labor and employment law counseling. Jill has worked with employers to review their wage and hour practices, conduct workplace investigations, and provided employee anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training.

David Rosenberg

David represents corporate clients in both single plaintiff and class actions. David’s practice has a strong focus in employment litigation matters, and he has successfully defended employers in judicial and arbitration proceedings involving wage and hour class and collective action claims, as well as employment discrimination, retaliation, harassment, failure to accommodate, and wrongful termination.


Joshua Salinas

Joshua represents clients in complex commercial disputes involving trade secrets and restrictive covenants, unfair competition, contract, and intellectual property claims in both state and federal court. His experience includes the prosecution and defense of trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition, and patent infringement claims.

Geoffrey Westbrook

Geoff provides real-world advice and successful litigation strategies in complex regulatory and wage-hour matters. Workplace laws have become increasingly complex. Geoff helps California and national businesses understand these laws, anticipate unforeseen challenges, and resolve litigation and other headaches that slow down businesses and hurt the bottom line.

Simon L. Yang

For Simon, it’s a joy knowing that his idiosyncratic passion for wage-and-hour law and policy enables him to take care of clients’ compliance and exposure so they can focus on their businesses. Clients generally face challenges in meeting their evolving workforces’ interests within wage-and-hour requirements. Simon assists proactive clients with opportunities to minimize the risk of potential wage-and-hour class and representative action lawsuits.

Ann Marie Zaletel

Ann Marie partners with clients to develop and implement employment policies, practices, and solutions that meet their business needs and effectively manage legal risk. Compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws has never been more important or more challenging, especially for clients with employees in California where employment laws deviate in significant respects from employment laws in other US jurisdictions.