We are excited to announce that from a field of more than 2,000 potential nominees, our Cal-Peculiarities blog has received enough nominations (thank you!) to join the 250 legal blogs participating in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition!

Now that the blogs have been nominated and placed into their respective categories, it is up to you, our cherished readers, to select the very best. With an open voting format that allows participants one vote per blog, the competition will be a true test of the dedication of our readers, while also giving up-and-coming players in the legal blogging space exposure to a wider audience. Each blog will compete for rank within its category, while the three blogs that receive the most votes in any category will be crowned overall winners.

We work tirelessly to keep abreast of trends and issues in California employment law so that our readers are too…Please help us spread the word and capture votes. The competition will run from NOW until the close of voting on OCTOBER 9th. Thank you in advance for your support of our beloved California Peculiarities Blog, and a big thank you to our dedicated bloggers.

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