Dear Readers:

We are thrilled to report that this week marks the 5th Anniversary of the Cal Peculiarities blog! Thank you for your continued support and interest; we couldn’t do it without you. And a hat tip to our enthusiastic team of writers, editors, assistants and the occasional guest author, all of whom have helped keep the blog overflowing with new ideas and on track for weekly posts.

Looking back, we have covered a lot of CA employment law territory, recently touching on topics as various as sexual harassment, pay equity, scheduling ordinances, and the news breaking Legislative Update. Our blog continues to be a resource for in-house attorneys, HR professionals, business owners, and managers who face real issues on a daily basis.

We recently asked you to share what you would like to read about in the coming year.  Just below, we offer one especially clever answer from a very funny reader!

Here’s my wish list for CalPecs Santa. Please keep in mind that I’ve been really, really good this year. Really.

  1. A big bucket for all of the definitions, FAQs, and other explanations that will surely be coming from the state regarding how to implement the pay-history ban
  2. A referee’s whistle to help officiate the battle between the state and the feds regarding California’s “sanctuary state” status. (A mop might help, too. And another bucket.)
  3. A crystal ball to watch for rulings that would require employers to tolerate medical marijuana use.
  4. A new bulletin board for the extra notices and training schedules needed in 2018. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be extra-large since median pay levels won’t have to be posted. Yet.
  5. A pony (of course I have to ask) because then I think I could still text and, uh, ride.

Keep an eye peeled in 2018 for posts on these subjects (even the pony!). And any others that you would like us to cover.

Please send along your requests to,,, or your favorite Seyfarth attorney.

We look forward to the coming year’s challenges, and hope 2018 is a peaceful, productive and rewarding year for each of you.