By Duwayne A. Carr and Laura J. Maechtlen

Last week, we blogged that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors tentatively and unanimously passed the Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights, which requires certain employers to (a) offer additional hours of work to current part-time employees before hiring new employees or subcontracting, (b) retain employees for 90 days upon transfer of the establishment, and (c) make a post-sale written job offer to certain individuals on a retention list (text of the legislation is here and here). The legislation was subject to a confirmation vote yesterday, November 25. We attended the scheduled confirmation vote yesterday. The legislation passed unanimously (10-0). 

At the meeting, Supervisor London Breed expressed concerns that the ordinance – as written – might apply to existing property service contractors, such as janitorial service companies, and stated that she plans to introduce an amendment as trailing legislation for the next Board meeting. But that proposal may face strong opposition. Supervisor Chiu noted that he would not support it, and Supervisor Campos went so far as to say that any such proposal would “weaken the legislation rather than strengthen it.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee now has ten days to sign the legislation, although we understand from his office that he may sign earlier than the 10th day. An ordinance typically becomes effective 30 days after the Mayor’s signature, and the legislation itself provides that it will become operative 180 days after passage. Thus, assuming the Mayor signs, employers will have 210 to 220 days to craft compliance solutions.      

Stay tuned for updates regarding any new developments.

Edited by Julie Yap